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Dr. Herbert John Hopkins was a doctor and hypnotist who practiced in Old Orchard.[1]


Early Life

He was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts around 1919, to John and Lillian Weller Hopkins.[1]

His brother', Frank E. Hopkins, was born on 5/5/1930, also in Lawrence, Massachusetts.[1][2]

He received his undergraduate degree in chemistry at Aurora College, where he studied from 1945 to 1948.[1]

He then studied medicine at University of Illinois School of Medicine, graduating in 1952.[1]

His master's degree was in chemistry.[1]

Marriage and Children

His nephew, Howard Lance Hopkins, was a writer.[3][4]

Professional Life

He worked as a radio engineer from 1937 to 1945.[1]

In 1952 he moved to Old Orchard Beach to practice medicine.[1]

On 4/11/1956, he treated Shirley Ferron Miles at Notre Dame hospital for a concussion following a car accident.[5]

According to his nephew, he was known for his skills as an allergist and also did early work on multiple sclerosis.[3]

In the 1970s, he may have run a "psychic church".[3]

In 1985, he retired to Lake Placid, Florida.[1]

He became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in nearby Sebring, Florida.[1]


He died on 4/1/2005.[6]

He was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Lake Placid, Florida on 4/5/2005.[1]

September 1976 Incident

Hopkins was the subject of an extraterrestrial visitation story in 1976. According the tale, he received a phone call from someone acting as the director of a New Jersey UFO research organization one night in September of 1976. The tale goes on to tell of a visit immediately after the phone call by a peculiar individual who threatened Hopkins regarding his recent hypnosis work on the David Stephens abduction case. Many UFO folklorists cite the visit when referring to men-in-black cases.[3][7][8]

His nephew, Howard Lance Hopkins, personally disavowed the story as a delusion of his uncle's creation in a blog posting in 2008.[3]


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