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The Old Orchard Mirror was a seasonal resort journal of beach events for the town of Old Orchard, Maine in the early years of the 20th century.[1]


The paper began publication on July 4th, 1900. A new edition appeared semi-weekly, or twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday, in its first years.[1]

It was also published tri-weekly, three times a week, for some years. New editions were available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.[2]

In 1914 it merged with another publication called Surf Echoes and began weekly publication under the banner of the Surf Echo and Mirror Publishing Companies. These editions were published as the Surf Echo-Mirror. Publication continued until at least September 3rd, 1914.[3]

It is registered in the OCLC as number 37291287.[4]


The paper sold for 5 cents per issue when published as a semi-weekly edition. A seasonal subscription was offered for 75 cents.[1]

When published tri-weekly, a single issue cost 3 cents.[2]


The first edition was published by James M. Ryan and Arthur L. Jones. It was printed in Saco, Maine by W. L. Streeter.[1]

As of 1914, the paper was edited by Percy R. Rich and the business itself was managed by Frank A. Elliott.[3][5]


As of 1915, the newspaper claimed a circulation of 1,487 readers.[5]


An explanation of where the paper gets its name is given in the first issue.

The Old Orchard local publication for the season of 1900 will appear under the short, euphonious and fairly suggestive name, "THE MIRROR." We do not know, positively, why we selected this name. It might be that we have come in contact with some very bright people lately; or that we have a growing habit of gazing in the mirror, not, of course, to see how handsome we are, but to note, at frequent intervals, the changes which Father Time is making in our visages; or because we have come to associate many ideas with this article of utility. We trust that it will not require a very wide stretch of the imagination to find something suggestive or appropriate in the name.

First Subscription

Wm. S. Noyes, Esq. of Saco purchased the first subscription to The Old Orchard Mirror.[6]


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