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A steamboat for excursions was run by the Old Orchard Steamboat Company in the 1880s.

Years of Operation

The company was established in 1881.[1]

Excursions ended in 1890.[2]


The company operated the S. E. Spring steamboat.[2]

S. E. Spring
Launched July 1st, 1881 (George Russell yard in East Deering)
Gross Tons 154.83
Net Tons 83.56
Dimensions 93.7 ft x 19 ft x 4.8 ft


The following staff roster is from 1882.[1]

Name Role Residence
George F. Calef President, Director Saco
James L. Rackleff Secretary, Treasurer Portland
O. F. Page Director
Edwin Stone Director
M. L. Smith Director
Daniel Goldthwait Director, Captain
Moses Webber Director
R. F. C. Hartley Director


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