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This article contains a listing of fires in the town of Old Orchard Beach.[1] [2][3]

Date Time Location Notes
07/21/1875 22:00 6 Portland Avenue Attic fire which destroyed the original Old Orchard House building.
11/10/1881 Fire which destroyed the Fiske House, The Sans Souci, and St. Cloud House.
09/12/1896 Fire which destroyed the Imperial House.
01/01/1903 Ocean House destroyed by fire, 2 guests killed. Exact date unknown.
08/15/1907 20:00 Great fire which destroyed much of the downtown of Old Orchard, including Hotel Emerson, Hotel Alberta, Fiske House, Lawrence House and Sea Shore House.
06/28/1919 Fire which destroyed the Sears and Hinchliffe Rexall Drug Store, Alberta Lunch, and White's Cafe.
07/04/1922 A second fire which destroyed White's Cafe.
09/15/1923 Fire which destroyed the Forest Pier Hotel and surrounding areas.
07/23/1941 Fire in block south of Old Orchard Street which destroyed Wax Works.
10/03/1948 Large fire which destroyed everything in area between West Surf Street, Staples Street, West Grand Avenue, and Old Orchard Street. Rollercoaster burned.
12/17/1968 1 Temple Avenue Fire which destroyed the original Billow House guesthouse in Ocean Park.
07/19/1969 Large fire which destroyed everything in area between East Surf Street, Cortland Street, East Grand Avenue and Old Orchard Street. Noah's Ark, Coal Mine, carousel and part of Pier burned.
01/01/1975 The Seagate Hotel and Montreal House burn in two fires.
05/25/1976 95 West Grand Avenue The Saxony Hotel, also known as the Batchelder Hotel, burns.
05/25/1976 05:45 West Grand Avenue A fire was reported at the Red Carpet Club on West Grand Avenue, with three firefighters injured.[4]
10/17/1976 The Everett burns.
04/27/1997 02:07 28 Summit St Fire in two cottages at Rodney's Resort.
07/26/1997 01:20 44 West Old Orchard Avenue 2.5 story vacant house. Possibly also 46 West Old Orchard Avenue
08/22/1997 02:46 99 East Grand Avenue Room fire in Alouette Motel.
12/05/1997 06:13 133 Portland Avenue Fire in retirement home.
12/10/1997 14:06 75 Ross Road Fire at The Birches retirement home. Deck electrical fire from extension cord which spread into 2.5 story 8 unit building.
12/12/1997 13:57 47 Randall Avenue Fire at Tanglewood during renovation. Damage to third floor of the building. Originally reported as 54 Randall Avenue.
01/23/1998 22:43 Wilson Drive at Ryefield Drive Mobile home fire during heavy snowstorm.
02/17/1998 15:12 116 Portland Avenue Fire at Fairview Farms condo. Town counselor placed emergency call while passing by.
04/17/1998 18:25 30 West Grand Avenue Fire on the second story of Mt. Royal Motel.
04/20/1998 03:28 8 Heath Street Fire at A-Z Market.
05/19/1998 21:45 Imperial Street at Hoffman Avenue Fire in single unit of six unit 2 story building
05/23/1998 11:48 38 Wesley Avenue House fire.
08/09/1998 16:59 17 Reggio Avenue Cottage fire.
10/18/1998 193 East Grand Avenue Live fire training drill which burned cottages and a two story building.
02/02/1999 12:49 9 Cookman Avenue 1.5 story 24x24 house destroyed by fire.
03/23/1999 9 Cookman Avenue Live fire training drill on house destroyed in 2/2/1999 fire.
11/04/1999 08:37 Milliken Mills House fire.
11/27/1999 14:15 28 Milliken Mills Road House fire.
03/25/2002 17:50 5 East Grand Avenue Block fire bordered by Cortland Street, East Grand Avenue and Kinney Avenue. Destroyed Molly Malones bar, t-shirt shop and jewlery store. All buildings were closed for the season.
01/03/2003 01:00 16 Old Orchard Street Large fire which destroyed Marlan's Clothing Store, Dan's Restaurant and apartments over the restaurant.
03/13/2003 13:30 39 Evergreen Avenue Fire on second floor of house.
07/30/2003 16:15 18 Imperial Street Celing fire at McNeil motel. Started in ceiling fan on second floor and spread into attic.
11/30/2003 05:30 1 York Street Fire at Normandie Motor Inn. Started in basement and spread through walls. No injuries, but tenants were evacuated.
09/20/2004 11:35 20 Old Orchard Street Fire at Dynomite boutique which spread to two other businesses, all of which were destroyed. Firefighter who feel off a ladder suffered fractured foot. ATF investigated as suspicious.
02/28/2005 19:05 59 Fern Park Avenue One story house fire. One woman was rescued and transported to Southern Maine Medical Center. She was in critical condition due to smoke inhalation.
09/18/2005 17:35 4 Bay Avenue Room fire on second story of 25x50 house.
11/15/2006 14:32 3 Old Orchard Road Live fire training drill on cabins at Wagon Wheel RV Resort and Campground.
06/21/2007 Ballpark Way Fire in skybox of abandoned ballpark. Considered suspicious as no electricity was active at the site.
08/27/2007 31 Ancona Avenue Fire in 2.5 story building, which was severely damaged. Started in attic and apread to second floor.
12/27/2007 34 Fern Park Avenue 1.5 story 20x24 home destroyed by fire.
02/20/2008 15 Birkdale Circle Arson fire committed by Matthew Paul Cushing during the murder of his 3 family members.
04/22/2001 12:17 39 Smithwheel Road Room fire in condo.
06/09/2001 13:45 1 Old Orchard Street Fire at Palace Playland which destroyed Bumper Car ride.
04/17/2002 19:14 13 Deer Isle Road Mobile home fire started by lightning.
08/03/2002 12:48 14 McArthur Avenue 2 story house fire.
04/06/2003 18:55 Shady Lane House fire.
08/03/2003 03:10 30 Birch Lane Fire on second story of house.
07/07/2004 07:30 6 School Street Fire in single unit of Centennial Place retirement home.
12/19/2004 21:25 Third Street at Cedar Avenue. Small basement fire of 2.5 story house.
05/27/2005 09:15 30 West Grand Avenue Fire at Mt. Royal Motel, started in a single unit and spread to second floor. Up to six units were damaged in the fire.
10/21/2005 06:40 Fort Hill Road Heavy damage to 2 story house from long burning living room fire.
01/02/2006 08:45 134 Portland Avenue One story house fire.
04/18/2007 184 Saco Ave Single story healthcare facility destroyed by fire.
05/26/2007 197 East Grand Avenue Single unit fire at Ocean Walk Hotel
07/16/2007 69 Smithwheel Road House fire which started in dishwasher. Spread to dining rooom and kitchen of 1-story house.
08/06/2007 4 Grand View Drive Attached garage fire which was likely started by lightning.
06/19/2009 17:38 200 Saco Avenue Dryer fire at Maine Cleaners & Coin Laundry.
09/26/2009 37 Summit Street House fire.
10/31/2009 15 Cliff Avenue 1.5 story house fire.
06/24/2011 16:46 75 Milliken Mills Road Garage fire.
08/01/2011 08:30 10 East Grand Avenue Fire which destroyed the Galaxy nightclub. Club manager Danny Sisson believed the fire was intentional, but investigators could not prove the claim.
10/20/2011 12:30 9 Central Avenue House fire on second floor. Firefighting efforts resulted in water damage to the first floor.
02/03/2012 13:57 40 Seaview Avenue House fire in two story house which spread to another home. A firefighter was treated for minor injuries.
02/28/2012 04:00 77 West Grand Avenue Fire at Beach Street Cafe. Part of a series of eight suspicious fire in the srea, including at the railroad tracks by Union Avenue.
03/22/2012 17:32 19 Hillside Avenue Electrical fire which caused heavy damage.
07/21/2012 05:20 10 Hillcrest Avenue Deck fire which spread to third floor apartment of multi-unit building. Fire marshall ruled the cause as consumer fireworks.
10/23/2012 14:19 44 Wesley Avenue Bedroom fire which killed Patricia Noel. Fire was reported by neighbor Caleigh Mills.
04/22/2013 11:00 Blueberry Plains at Ross Road Brush fire.
11/21/2013 14:12 10 Old Orchard Road Cottage fire at Lazy Gull Cottages Inn.
05/08/2014 13:20 3 Old Orchard Road Passing freight train produced sparks which ignited fires from Scarborough to Biddeford. Ten trailers destroyed and six heavily damaged in Wagon Wheel campground.[5]
01/20/2015 21:04 1 Heath Street Arson fire which destroyed the Americana Motel.
01/29/2015 01:44 4 School Street Fire at Centennial Place retirement home
03/30/2015 11:53 159 Saco Avenue 2 story house fire.


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